Clearwater apparatus’ (Clicking will open larger image in new window)

Engine 10 – Pumper 10Rescue 10 –
Brush 10 – Tanker 10

Engine 10 – Our newest truck, Engine 10, is an E-One commercial pumper. We’ll have some updated images featuring this addition to our fleet soon.


Pumper 10 – Commercial Pumper with a 1,000 gallon tank – Equipped for general firefighting. Formerly Engine 10, thanks to support from our community we are in the process of purchasing this truck and continuing to respond it as a support unit.


Rescue 10 – 1989 Ford F-350 Custom – Following the purchase of our old Engine we are working to convert this truck into a fully stocked rescue vehicle. Currently the truck is equipped with both rescue and fire response tools. (This truck was the original apparatus used by the clearwater fire department, and is still active)


Brush 10 – Pretty self explanatory here. This truck is our brush and off-road apparatus.


Tanker 10 – 1986 Ford 8000 – 2,000 gallon capacity – Used to shuttle water to fires